And here I find myself once more, buried in my books, struggling to put some of my thoughts into words. Truth be told, time is just flying by and I feel like one of those particles inside the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). I just hope that after this Big Bang of mine, a Big Crunch doesn’t follow…

So… anyway, what’s the state of the art? To put it simple, my dissertation thesis has been taking most of my time. I actually though that putting it down on paper would be the easiest party. Well, I was wrong. Fortunatly, I have a pretty awesome advisor, who’s always there to aid me in whichever pitfalls I happen to stumble upon. The good news is that the guys from the e-smart accepted the abstract on authentication with chaotic stream ciphers ! yeiie – I’m so happy ^_^ nevertheless, that means I still have plenty more work to do in writing the whole thing. Luckly, I still have a few more weeks to provide them with the article/presentation.

On another note, last week I took a whole day going to the IST campus on Tagus park (Oeiras). And why would you even go through the ordeal of going there when you don’t even have a freakin’ licence (or a car, for that matter) – asks the concerned reader. Well, the thing is – I unexpectedly recieved an email from the responsible for sending my application for the NII internship . Despite the fact that every other candidate had dropped out (still not sure if that was a good thing or not), I still had to be triaged. We had a nice talk, which nonetheless made me fell like he didn’t feel like I was a good candidate… Anyway, I don’t really care. Well, not anymore – I’ve wasted so many chances thinking I wasn’t good enough or this or that. Well, the hell with that – I’ll manage somehow, like I’ve been doing. At least I’ll try and won’t feel sorry about it. The results should be out by July or something – so … Ganbare me!

There’s still the driving lessons, the preparation classes for the Cambridge CAE exam… But apart from all the messy parts of my life, I DO still manage (from time to time) to actually do other things. For instance I’m going to the cinema many more times than I ever did! It feels kinda weird when I look back and wonder why I never did this before… Oh wait, maybe because my cinematic tastes appear to be whimsical to everyone else. It’s true! I’ve even been told that I only like depressing movies! But never mind about that. And sorry for avoiding brain death by not going for a Fast Five (I’m actually a very reasonable person since I don’t really put much obstacles in seeing “crappy” movies – but I can’t think of anybody I know that would actually accept an invitation to see.. for example Bal). But I can’t complain, as this year’s Oscar’s nominees weren’t bad at all and I had a really great time ( The black swan, The King’s speech, True Grit, …).

Well, there would be much more to tell, but that’ll be it for tonight. Let’s just hope that  this will get me started in keeping this blog alive ^_^ . Soon, I’ll try to write a post on the Feira do Livro de Lisboa  and let you know the amazing books I found!


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